Hello 2017


With a new year comes a new set of goals.  While New Year's Resolutions are not normally my thing, with a holiday break at work coming right before the new year, entering 2017 meant I had a refreshed state.

Custom Planner 2017 Social Media Online Goals

Looking back on 2016, it was a rollercoaster of events.  I got married, reached personal goals I didn't think would happen for years, and was presented with new opportunities I never would have thought of.

Custom Planner Dividers

I'm going into 2017 taking the events of 2016 and building off of them; all my goals for the new year revolve around what was already starting at the end of 2016.  

2017 Planner Objectives and Goals

I'm focussing on improving my technical skills so I can have more, unique, diverse opportunities at work.  I'm working on getting better organized in my life so I can keep track, and stay on top of, all the hobbies I have in my personal life.  And I'm finally trying to consolidate and unify my online experience.  Allowing all my content to live on a hub at http://thecatmelon.com is the first step, and hopefully it continues, starting with this blog post.

2017 Kate Spade Planner Setup

This post is a sneak peak into the planner I've set up to help reach my goals in the new year.  I'm hoping that holding myself accountable, and marking down my achievements and tasks will help me get through everything I want to accomplish in the year.  I've tried planners before, but this year I'm making an effort to make the habit work for me (I think my custom dividers will help).

Planner Details

Planner: Kate Spade Carlisle

Inserts: Custom made (by me)

Dividers: Custom made (by me)

Cat post-its: Muji (gift from a friend)

Pencil: Zebra M-301 (0.5mm)